Dress to Balance An Hour Glass Figure

The world of fashion has evolved to a great extent. A woman who has an hour glass figure doesn’t think it’s a difficult task to find stylish outfits for herself. There are so many styles available in the market that can minimize a full figure easily. Below are a few tips on how to dress to balance an hour glass figure.

Tips to Dress to Balance An Hour Glass Figure

Choosing the Color:

Without actually highlighting your body curves, try to emphasize your waist. This can be done by choosing a dark color for the bottom and a light color for the top. Make sure the belt matches the trouser or the skirt you are wearing.

Shape of the Neckline:

You can wear a loose v-neck blouse with an open collar. Avoid wearing fitted tops and high collar shirts as these would draw unnecessary attention to your bust.

Pattern of the Top:

Cropped tops or ones that end at the waist and shirts with a v-neck collar would look good.

Cut of the Dress:

The cut of the dress also matters in actually balancing an hour glass figure. A dress with a bias-cut with enough space to move around would suit the figure. Choose a fabric that is light in weight so that it drapes well and creases well at the waist. During the day, try wearing shirt-dresses made of soft material.

Trousers Style:

When it comes to trousers, most women with an hour glass figure make mistakes. The style they choose makes them look out of shape. Trousers with a side zip and flat-front trousers create an illusion of a less fuller bottom and hips.


Jackets that are double-breasted and single-breasted with a good fit would look wonderful.

Monochromatic Colors:

Dark colors like black, charcoal, brown and dark blue are slimming colors. Women with such figures should try opting for monochromatic colors with a slim belt. This style would simply work wonders in balancing an hour glass figure.

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