Fashion Flip-Flops

There are many stores that exhibit fashionable flip-flops. These flip-flops are available in sequins, beads and even bright fabrics. Wearing something unique is always eye catching. Try making crochet flip flops as they look unique and very trendy. Flip-flops are ideal footwear for summers as they would go well with most casuals.

Designing your own flip-flops can be very exciting. As you incorporate your own ideas, you would know how interesting it is. Crochet flip-flops are something different and stylish. You can also choose your favourite color and create your own design. Below are a few steps to help you design your own fashionable flip flops.

Flip Flop Sandals

Step 1:

The basic step to understand, is to know where you will be placing the crochet fabric on the flip-flop sandals. Next, the yarn has to be first tied at one end of the sandal strap. This is to prevent the strap from slipping. You can put some glue to fasten it as well.

Step 2:

You can start by crocheting under the sandal strap and holding the other end from the top. Then, pull the yarn again from the top and tighten the yarn by pulling the loop of the yarn. Continue this process, as you are gradually making a single line of crochet around the strap of the flip-flops.

Step 3:

All you need to do is to continue this method. Leave the space bare that goes between the toes. After the crochet is complete, make a knot at the end of it and glue it up. Put the end of the trail into the stitch. Do the same with the other flip-flops.

Step 4:

The last step is to make sure that the fringes of the crochet are placed properly. Use a brush to pull the fringes around the straps so that they fall well.

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