Most Expensive Women’s Shoes

Shoes have always been a favourite accessory for many women. When it comes to selecting shoes, brands and designs matter a lot. Most women have a fetish for shoes and love shopping for them. Below are some of the most expensive women’s shoes:

List of Most Expensive Women’s Shoes

Jimmy Choo-

Jimmy Choo is one of the most expensive brands that came into existence in 1996. This brand is a favourite of most socialites and celebrities. The crocodile pumps in red are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. An attractive pair of shoes can surely transform a woman’s image. These shoes start at a price of $1,750.


Gucci is a favourite Italian brand of many celebrities. Other than shoes, Gucci has an awesome collection of bags, watches and sunglasses. It is a well known and a common brand found among the rich and famous. The violet leather heeled boots are an attractive piece to look out for. It starts at a price of $1,450.

Louis Vuitton-

This is an obvious selection of being one of the most expensive shoes. Louis Vuitton has a splendid collection of shoes for women. Among the lot, boots are a favourite of many women. These are very comfortable, stylish and go with almost any outfit. These start at a price of $1,380.

Bottega Veneta-

Bottega Veneta has a collection of shoes made of snakeskin. The delicate ankle straps would certainly add a lot of grace to your feet. Any woman would fall for a pair of Bottega Veneta. A pair of these would certainly enhance your wardrobe collection. It starts at a price of $1,140.


Escada has some of the most interesting pairs of shoes for women. With prices below $1000, it sure is something to include in your wardrobe. The style is very feminine and women will surely love it.

Givenchy- Givenchy’s collection of shoes are a timeless piece. The quality and style are something to look forward to. A lot of women prefer this brand because of its price and the variety of styles that it offers. The price starts at $995.

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