5 Bra Shopping Rules to Follow

Many women find it difficult to find the perfect undergarment. No matter how comfortable we our with our body curves, finding something comfortable is difficult. Undergarments are something that we wear everyday. Therefore, they have to be comfortable. Below are a few bra shopping rules to that can be followed.

5 Bra Shopping Rules

Know your measurement-

The most important thing before buying a bra is to know your measurement. The right way to take measurement is from under the bust and across the bust. Most women wear the wrong size. Usually the size of your bra changes if there is any change in your body weight.

Cups should be front and center-

After finding the correct size of the bra, it is important to find undergarments that provide complete support and position to your breasts. There should be atleast 1” of space between your breasts.

The fit should be firm-

Women generally think that if the bra is loose it has a better fit, which is not true. A bra should fit the frame of your body well. It should be comfortable and stable. The bra fit is correct if the back is in level or lower than the front.

Stretchability of the Bra-

The most common fabric used in bras is spandex and Lycra. With regular use, the bra is bound to lose its stretchability. Ideally the bra should be hooked on the last button, therefore when it stretches, it can be put on the first hook.

Wear the right shirt when shopping-

Though you would be shopping for a bra, you would have to wear the right shirt. Wearing a fitted shirt would give you a better understanding of the fit. Avoid wearing loose collared shirts as you would not be able to know the shape of the bra.

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