Fashion Rules to Follow

Many times we pick the wrong outfit, thinking that it looks great on us. Though most of us are quite confident about selecting the right stuff, we still fail to make a perfect choice. Fashion is something that keeps changing, therefore we need to keep a pace with the changing trends. Below are a few fashion rules to follow:

Fashion Rules to Follow

Avoid double denims-

Denims are one of the most comfortable type of clothing. It goes well with just about anything, except denims itself. This means wearing denims and a denim jacket does not look good together. This combination doesn’t look very stylish.

Do not wear pyjamas in public-

Wearing pyjamas at home is okay, but many women wear it even in public. This is something that should be avoided. It looks very odd and seems that you are not bothered much about your looks.

Undergarments seen through clothes-

Your undergarments seen through your clothes is a fashion disaster. Wear undergarments made of soft fabric that match your garment color or something that’s atleast close to it. Wearing seamless shorts is always a better option. When it comes to bras, avoid wearing bright colored ones under sheer tops.

Wear White only if it’s Your Wedding-

This is a very important fashion rule to follow. If it’s your wedding, wearing white is absolutely fine as it’s your big day. Do not wear white to a wedding as it is disrespecting the bride.

Being overdressed is better than under-dressed-

This rule applies right from dressing for an occasion to dressing for work. If you come overdressed to work, it is much better than coming under-dressed. Don’t take a chance if you are not sure of a particular outfit, look for something that’s more appropriate.

Comfort is Important-

Comfort is the key to good fashion. If you are not comfortable wearing something, it would be very obvious. Fashion is all about looking great and feeling great. Whatever you wear, you should feel confident in it.

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