A Few Important Men’s Fashion Rules

Most men like to follow their own fashion style. But fashion disasters are bound to occur whether it’s a man or a woman. Many men would have a few questions like, should the trousers match their socks? And so on. Here are a fashion tips for men that can help.

Important Men’s Fashion Rules

Match your belt and shoes-

A very important fashion rule for men is that the color of the belt should match the color of the shoes. Colors like brown and black can be matched very easily. For a man who wears sneaker almost everyday, then it’s obvious that jeans and a fabric belt looks more casual. Dress belts should be avoid at all cost with sneakers and jeans.

Matching ties and shirt-

A dark color shirt with a dark tie or a light color shirt with a light color tie is some what outdated. Look for something that’s interesting. Try and experiment with different colors. So whatever color you pick, make sure it goes well with your suit. Ties can be tied in different ways and the best is the four-in-hand and Windsor style.

Pleats vs flat front-

Trousers with flat fronts suits most men. Pleats make a person look less slim. Men think that flat front pants look good on athletic bodies. You can always get a flat front toruser stitched leave more room more movement. Get a size bigger and one that starts from the waist. Moreover flat-front trousers are more fashionable.


A very important rule of wearing socks is that it should match the color of your trousers. Even if you prefer wearing patterns like stripes, make sure they match your trousers. Avoid wearing white socks as are meant to be worn for the gym.

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