Rock Stars – Fashion Icons

Fashion has always been influenced by music. Many rock stars have become fashion icons. If one observes the style of a few rock stars, we know that they have been greatly influenced from the 70s and 80s. Places like Paris, Milan and London are well known fashion cities and homes to most international designers.

Rock Stars – Fashion Icons

Fashion designers like Paco Rabanne who was a Franco-Spanish fashion designer is known for his unique style. His collection of skirts and boots were simply awesome. He was very much influenced by rock music and tried to incorporate it in his work.

The Rolling Stones rock band followed their own fashion trend. Their style was very obvious in their music. Many people were influenced by the way they dressed. The rock festival at Woodstock featured a number of rock stars who were also fashion trend setters. At Woodstock, rock stars like Bob Dylan and Neil Young influenced the crowd with their clothing. Their tie-dye, fringed waist coats and denims became very popular.

The styles from the 70s took fashion to a new level. The jumpsuits, platforms and sequins became very popular. Who can forget the popular look of Mr. Bowie who had everyone copying his new look. Even guys were putting on makeup.

The girl band, Runaways were wearing stockings and fishnets. Fashion was very much influenced by rock ‘n’ roll. On the other hand one of the most popular rock stars Madonna had a carefree attitude. She wore whatever pleased her. The ripped denims, nettings and cowboy boots were a style statement for rock stars.

Bands like Guns N’ Roses and Bon Jovi had their own attitude. They could carry off their look really well. The 80s brought an inspiring change in fashion. Today is a time when people like to move around in skinny jeans, floral dresses and pointed boots.

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