Rock Star Fashion

Many of us would be fascinated by our favourite rock stars. The main thing that fascinates people is their style of dressing and ofcourse the way they perform on stage. People who are fans of rock music wouldn’t mind implementing a bit of rock star fashion in their looks. It’s time you play around with your looks and do something that’s new and different.

Rock Star Fashion

The best time to try out the rock star fashion is in summers. This is a season where you would be able to wear light clothes and stay away from coats and heavy clothing. A few popular rock stars are:-

Michael Jackson-

He was known as the king of pop. Michael Jackson always had a unique style of dressing and very soon he became a favourite of many people. There was something so cool about his style that most youngsters mimicked it. His actual style was wearing pegged pants, a jacket, black shoes and white socks. Whether it was his hairstyle or his clothes, everything was different. His style became very popular and every other person wanted to try it out.

Miley Cyrus-

Miley Cyrus is one of the youngest rock stars. Her style is copied by many young girls. Right from her new hair styles to her boots, everything is on news. Her basic style is wearing knee high boots, fitted tops with denims or short skirts. She loves wearing bright makeup and bold accessories.


Rihanna is a very popular rock star. Her style is very trendy and she is a fashion forward person. She doesn’t believe in following one particular style and is very versatile with her looks. She is a true rock star fashion icon.

The signature style of most rock stars is wearing huge accessories like bold pendants and sporting a tattoo. Rock star fashion has become very popular and is adapted by most youngsters.

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