Fashion Tips for Skinny Guys

Everyone of us would want to look fashionable. We try very hard to wear the right outfit that can flatter our figure. As much as it is difficult for fat people to find the right outfit, in the same way it is difficult for skinny people too. Today we all have many options as there are numerous brands that have come in the market. There is always something for everyone. Here are a few fashion tips for skinny men.

Fashion Tips for Skinny Guys

Small Shoulders:

Guys with small shoulders should go for padded blazers. This would give them a broader look. There are single and double breasted blazers. So you can choose whatever is comfortable. A little oversized shirts combined with fitting pants would give a uniform appearance. Just make sure that the blazer is not oversized as this would make you look very odd.


Skinny guys should avoid wearing fabrics that are clinging to the body. They should rather select shirts that do not stick to the midsection and are a little loose. This dressing would give a little puffy look. But choosing very loose clothes would not help as it would make look clumsy.

Length of Jacket:

The correct length of the jacket should be just till the buttocks. The length of the jacket should not go beyond the buttocks and should not be very short. A long jacket adds more height and makes a person look taller.


When it comes to wearing pants, skinny guys should go for pants with a flat front. Even boot cut or straight cut would suit. Pants with extra pockets would give a fuller look. Skinny guys can also go with regular cut jeans.

Fabric and Style:

Skinny guys should avoid going for pinstripes as it makes a person look even more skinny. Fabrics with bold prints should also be avoided. Knitted clothes would look cool as this would give a broader look to the frame. This can be paired with corduroy trousers.
Shirts like turtlenecks, crewnecks, v-necks tee-shirts and collar shirts would look great.


Guys with a thin frame should avoid wearing heavy chains, metals, broad belts and bracelets. Opting for ties with broad checks with plain shirts makes a good combination.

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