How to Improve a Guy’s Sense of Style

It’s true that not every guy has a good sense of style. Style is something that comes naturally to some people whereas for other’s, they have to work on it to improve it. There are many new brands available in the market which makes it even more easier for them to choose. A well dressed guy can flatter any women. Below are a few tips on how to improve a guy’s sense of style.

Tips to Improve a Guy’s Sense of Style

  • Usually guys tend to overlook the way they dress. They pay little attention to what they are wearing at work or at a party.
  • To make a guy aware of his problem, you would have to put it in such a way that he realises what he should choose and what he shouldn’t.
  • Sit with him and go through some fashion magazines and catalogues so that he gets some good ideas.
  • Make him aware of the do’s and don’ts in fashion as this would help him make a better choice.
  • When it comes to guys, unless they feel confident themselves, they would never go for something. Therefore, you need to make him feel confident about what he should wear.
  • Guys have a different perception when it comes to styles, what they see is what they believe. Going through various fashion magazines would help them visualise the design and style.
  • Whenever you go shopping, take him along so that his mind is open to different styles.
  • Before picking anything, it’s advisable to try it on to check the fit and then only purchase it.
  • Appreciate him when he is wearing something nice, so that he feels good and continues dressing in a similar fashion.
  • Introduce him to various brands and styles of shoes, clothes and accessories.

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