7 Most Famous Fashion Models

Modelling has been a great passion for many women since a long time. Among many models there have been just a few who have made it to the top. These models have an amazing personality and have an eye for creative designs. These stunning women are:

Heidi klum:

Heidi was just eighteen when she received a modelling contract. She first modelling contract was for Victoria’s Secret and after that she modelled for Cosomopolitian, Sports and GQ. This made her very famous as a model. She later hosted for ”Project Runway”.


Twiggy is one of the most successful fashion models. The new pageboy haircut and long eyelashes gave her a very different look altogether. Eventually after modelling, she won the Best Actress Golden Globe for ”The Boy Friend and was also nominated for ”My One and Only”.

Tyra Banks:

Tyra became the first black model to come on the Sports cover magazine, Victoria’s Secret and GQ within a year. Since then she has been very successful and has come in TV programs like ”The Tyra Banks Show”.

Gisele Bundchen:

As listed by the Forbes magazine, Gisele was known to be the highest paid model. Though she has not be very successful as a star but her links with actor Leonardo Di Caprio girlfriend and now Tom Brady’s wife has made her famous.

Lauren Hutton:

Hutton is one of the most popular models from the 60s. Though she is now 66, she has an agent which has kept her on the run. She has been on the cover page of almost every magazine and featured in a film ”American Gigolo”.

Naomi Campbell:

At one point of time Naomi Campbell was a very popular fashion model. But more than her modelling she was in the news for all the wrong reasons like her rude behaviour and hot temper with assistants.

Cindy Crawford:

She is the most famous fashion models ever known. Cindy Crawford has been on the cover page of more than 1000 magazines. She has also been hosted on TV show like ”House of Style”.

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