7 Things You Should Know About Coco Chanel

There are always a few facts behind every brand but very few people are aware about it. Today, there are many popular brands who have made it to the top. Chanel is one such brand and here are a few facts that every fashion lover should know.

7 Things to Know About Coco Chanel

She loved pockets

Designer Coco Chanel loved pockets and she made sure that any hand bag that she designed had pockets. She always focused on style.

She started it as a hobby

She first started designing hats which became very popular among the upper class Parisians. What caught their attention was the unique designs and patterns. That’s what made her turn her hobby into a career.

Hosiery to high fashion

Before being established as a designer, Chanel worked as a clerk in a hosiery store. Most fashion icons start from scratch and make it big some day.

Sun tan started by Chanel

Many people are not aware that sun tan was introduced as fashion by Coco Chanel. In 1923 when Chanel was on a cruise to Cannes, she got badly tanned by the sun rays and that’s when it sun tan became fashionable. She really had an attitude to carry herself well.

Hotel Ritz was Chanel’s home

There was a rumour that a German officer by the name Dincklage was having an affair with Coco Chanel and he made arrangements for her to stay in the hotel. She stayed at the Ritz for more than 30 years and made it her home.

Her lucky number was 5

There was something truly special about the number 5. in 1921 Chanel introduced her fifth sample of fragrance and it was introduced on May 5th. Famous celebrity like Marilyn Monroe said that it was her favourite and even today every minute there are many bottles sold.

She always remained single

Though Coco Chanel dated many men in her life, she didn’t get married to anyone. She was completely dedicated to her profession therefore gave up on her marriage.

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