Men’s Clothing- Fashion Crimes to Avoid

There are a lot of lifestyle and fashion magazines that come up with the most disastrous fashion crimes worn by celebrities. Everyone should be aware of what they are wearing and know what is ”in” rather than making a fool of themselves. Here are a few tips that can help you avoid making common fashion mistakes.

Fashion Crimes to Avoid

  • Avoid wearing jeans that are high waist as they are completely out of fashion. Therefore choose jeans that are below your naval.
  • Jeans that are below your naval should fit well on the hips and not fold near the ankles. They also need to be a little loose.
  • Do not wear clothes that are very loose as it would make you look very shabby.
  • If you have a small frame, then avoid wearing loose clothes as it would make you look even more tiny.
  • When selecting belts, go for leather studded belts as they look very cool with denims.
  • Go for basic colors like black, brown, blue and white as this would suit every outfit.
  • Leather jackets always look stylish especially if it fits well but remember to put it on keeping the weather in mind.
  • Make sure the leather jacket you wear isn’t very loose as this would spoil the entire look.
  • When choosing a leather jacket, wear it to know the correct fit.
  • Never ever wear a wrinkled tee shirt as this would put women off completely.
  • Clothes that are very loose and do not fit well should be out of your wardrobe.
  • When wearing a shirt, make sure it overlaps the pant as that your waist and stomach is not exposed.
  • Do not wear socks and sandals together, it doesn’t look cool.
  • Do not hesitate to purchase something that would cost you a little extra because it would be worth the investment.

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