Common Fashion Injuries

When it comes to fashion, we can sacrifice even our comfort. But in the process of doing it we don’t realise how much we harm our body. Here are a few common fashion injuries that each of us would have suffered at some point of time.

Common Fashion Injuries

High Heels-

High heels definitely make us look tall and sexy but they cause a lot of damage as well. Wearing high heels for a long time can sprain the ankles and you may end up suffering from plantar fasciitis. This is specially observed when one changes from heels to flats. Heels should be limited to about 2-3 inches.

Oversized Purses-

Oversized purses are very convenient as they can accommodate a lot of stuff. But a disadvantage of carrying a heavy purse around can cause an imbalance the body posture other than causing severe back problems.

Large Carry-All-

A huge bag that is swung along one shoulder may lead to severe neck problems. To overcome this problem, try to switch the bag between both shoulders so that the weight is not on one shoulder alone. This would certainly reduce the chance of aches.

Dangly Earrings-

Wearing earrings that are very heavy may damage the lobes of ears and even tear them. If your piercing in the lobes begins to sag, it’s time you wear dangling earrings only on occasions. You don’t have to completely stop wearing them, just limit it to an hour or two.

Messenger Bag-

This bag is inspired from the mailman. Though it looks very trendy, the style may lead to raised uneven shoulders. Go for something, that’s well designed to avoid discomfort in the body.

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