Top 5 Fashion and Style Tips for Women

Styles can never go out of fashion. Every year there are amazing styles that are introduced to the world. Other than styles, there are brands that have unique styles which designed for every body type. Many of us tend to get swept away without understanding what looks good on us and what doesn’t. Below are a few tips and styles to help make the best choice.

Top 5 Fashion and Style Tips

Dress to enhance your personality-

Take advantage of the fashion and dress in outfits that suit your personality. Wear accessories to match your style. The whole idea is to look great yet keeping it simple. Go for sensual fabrics with beautiful colors.

Right accessories make a difference-

You should know what are the types of accessories that would suit the outfit you are wearing. For example, a trinket or a junk earring would look good on casual outfits and a traditional jewellery would suit when you are wearing something heavy for an occasion.

Make up-

Choose your makeup carefully. Select eye shadow colors that suit your skin tone and dress. You can use grey eye shadow and a pink lipstick. Make sure that you don’t highlight your eyes and lips together. If you want to highligh your eyes, then keep your lips a little pale.

A bag-

A bag is a must as you would be able to keep all your day to day essentials. Go for a trendy looking bag that suits your outfit. Bags with sequence and paintings look great and go well with just about anything.

Keep things in proportion-

Always remember to keep your overall look in proportion. Petite people should go for a slim cut so that their frame looks a little broad, people with slim hips can opt for flared ankle trousers, people with curvy hips should avoid wearing an A-line skirt.

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