Tips to Flatter Your Hips and Bottom

There are very few women who are blessed with a curvaceous body. But what about the other’s who don’t have a good figure? Don’t feel de-motivated as fashion has gone a long way and there are ways to alter your figure. It’s just about wearing the right type of clothes that can flatter your body.

Tips to Flatter your Hips and Bottom

  • Women who have heavy hips and bottom need to choose clothes carefully. Clothes like jeans and dresses should be of a style that doesn’t accentuate their body flaws.
  • Women with heavy bottom should choose jeans with a straight cut which are not very tight.
  • They should also avoid wearing any outfit that has back pockets as this would draw more attention.
  • Women with a heavy bottom should not wear low waist. They should wear jeans with an empire style top.
  • Wear heels so that your legs look tall and your overall body appearance also looks taller.
  • Stick to a monotone color in your outfit as this would also make you look tall.
  • Dresses with a pencil style suit women with heavy bottom but make sure the fabric doesn’t cling to the body.
  • Women with broad hips can go for jeans but not low waist as this would make them look very heavy at the bottom.
  • Too tight jeans should be avoided by women with wide hips.
  • Women with wide hips should also avoid wearing trousers with side pockets as this would make their hips look wider.
  • Wearing flared dresses that accent at the waist can disguise broad hips. Tops with a deep neckline can be worn to draw attention upwards.
  • Women with flat buttocks can opt for low waist jeans as it would give an illusion of a fuller bottom.
  • Straight cut jeans and jeans with a little flare from the knees can be worn by women with a firm bottom.

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