Most Fashionable Cities in Hong Kong and Around

Most of us are fascinated with different cities that are fashion forward and the ones that keep themselves updated with new styles. We like to include new styles and make it as a part of our wardrobe. Places like Milan, Paris and Tokyo are known for the best styles in the world.

A few fashionable cities in Hong Kong

Style Updates in Paris and Milan-

Milan and Paris are the most chicest fashion streets in the world. During every Paris and Milan fashion week, the place is crowed with designers and models. The natives have a natural taste and knack to dress well.

Tokyo Street Style-

Tokyo street is full of stylish and fashionable people. Men and women are seen in the most stylish outfit and wearing cool accessories. Tokyo is the hip place for all fashion lovers.

Street Fashion Blogs-

Fashion blogs are the best guides. If we look for high-end fashion like Vogue, one can find a lot of information on the forthcoming fashion for the season. Fashion bloggers have a collection of pictures of real people on the sites sporting new trends.

Fashion Stalker Website-

This is a website that stalks fashion of ordinary people on the streets of Tokyo. Ever since this concept came up, it became popular as one gets to know the hottest trends and the coolest styles.

Summer Street Style-

Fashion is known to one and all, especially to women from Southern California. People from Santa Monica and L.A are fashion trend setters. People invest in clothes that are very fashionable and look fabulous.

Japan Fashion-

Japan is known to be a place for wild fashion. Women are very fashion forward and do not hesitate in trying new styles. They are the actual trend setters and know how to go about with fashion.

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