Top 5 Designer Fragrances that You Should Buy

Whether you are shopping for yourself or for a friend, buying designer fragrances online is the best way to shop. Online stores are trustworthy and reputed while giving you a wide range of options. You can save a lot on designer perfumes like Burberry and Calvin Klein when buying in wholesale.
There are many online merchants that have a collection of original fragrances and are good in customer service as well.

Top 5 Designer Fragrances

Giorgio Armani (Acqua Di Gio Women’s Perfume)

This perfume has been popular since 1995 and is one of the best perfumes in the market. It’s a light scent with a citrus fragrance. The fragrance is fresh and very soothing.

Rochas (Byzance Perfume)

This perfume came into existence in 1987. It has a fragrance that is unique and seductive. The liquid is purple in color and it can be worn any time during the day.

Alfred Sung (Pure Sung Perfume)

This perfume has an beautiful fragrance that is perfect for the evening. This fragrance is a mixture of floral and woody scent that last all day long.

Lacoste (Lacoste Pour Homme Cologne)

This perfume became popular since 2002 which was the first scent from Proctor and Gamble. It’s a mixture of different fragrances like cinnamon, musk, grapefruit, apple and vanilla. It has a scent that would last throughout the day.

Gianne Versace (Blue Jeans Cologne)

This perfume has a fragrance that is very sporty and long lasting. It is perfect during the day and is packed in an attractive blue tin bottle.

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