Fashion Mistakes- 10 Looks to Avoid

Women make a lot of fashion mistakes and some of them are so obvious that they cannot be overlooked. Fashion is not only about following new trends and looking stylish but doing things the right. Below are a few common mistakes that should be avoided.

10 Common Fashion Mistakes

Wearing clothes that don’t fit well-

Wearing clothes that are either too loose that would make you look as though you’ve gained extra pounds or wearing clothes that are very tight. Always buy clothes that fit you well and are comfortable.

Wrinkled clothes-

Wearing a stunning dress will ruin your entire look if it is wrinkled. Do not make such a mistake and invest in clothes that are easy to maintain.

Fashion trends that don’t suit you-

Don’t blindly follow fashion trends. Keep your age and figure in mind before wearing anything. Be practical and wear clothes that complement you and not because they are in fashion.

Taking care of panty lines & bra-

Make sure that your undergarments fit you correctly. Even if they fit you well and still lines can be seen, then your dress is very tight. Wear something that doesn’t reveal your undergarments.

Wearing very short skirts-

This is one thing that you need to take care of. Make sure that if you are wearing a low waist jeans, even your panty should be low, similarly avoid wearing skirts that are very short. If you can move freely, dance and sit without exposing your undergarments, then it’s fine.

Wearing too many colors-

This is a very common mistake that most women make. They use too many colors and mix the look. The key rule is to wear maximum three colors so that it’s more pleasing to the eye.

Wearing too many prints-

Avoid mixing and matching prints. Either use it on the top or on the bottom but not both.

Wearing too many accessories-

Don’t wear too many accessories at the same time. Wear something that’s delicate and elegant. Avoid mixing traditional and funky jewellery together.

Clothes and shoes should go together-

Make sure that the color of your shoes and clothes match. If it’s black, then this color goes well with any outfit but avoid mixing light and dark colors together.

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