7 Most Common Men’s Suit Mistakes

Dressing well in a suit can look very appealing and enhance a man’s look. However, wearing stylish clothes doesn’t mean you are fashionable and a fashion forward person. There are certain rules in fashion that have to be followed. Many men tend to make mistakes when it comes to dressing in a suit, therefore to avoid this, below are a few guideline that would help you.

7 Common Men’s Suit Mistakes

Match your suit-

If you have a collection of suits, then organise them according to the season. A combination of a linen suit jacket with a worsted wool suit pant should be avoided. Suits should be kept according to materials, style and color.

Belts and shoes-

Many men pay less attention to shoes and belts. To keep it safe, buy a pair of black shoes and belt that goes with everything. Make sure that your shoes or belt don’t look worn out when you wear them. Keep your shoes polished for a decent look.

Don’t wear very loose clothes-

The key to looking good is wearing a suit that fits you well. Before you buy a suit make sure you try it on. A suit that doesn’t fit well would spoil your image. Custom men’s suits are also available, so try it on to check the fit.

Stay simple-

It is always good to keep a color with a shirt and tie color that complement it. When it comes to colors, the tie and the shirt should be of a neutral color so that it can match the suit. Suit colors like gray, navy blue and black when paired with a white shirt go really well.

Keep it unbuttoned-

Men’s suit jacket looks good when it is kept unbuttoned. Only the first button should be buttoned while the rest remain undone. This is a good way to keep you stylish throughout.

The length of the trouser should touch your shoes-

The length of men’s trousers should be long enough to cover the socks, even when you walk. The hem of your trousers should touch the top of the shoes. Whenever you sit crossed legged, make sure you wear dark colored socks.

Tie etiquette-

whenever you are wearing a tie, make sure it touches your belt. This is a very important rule that every man should follow. It’s a key rule and you wouldn’t want to feel awkward.

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