Most Common Fashion Mistakes

Nobody is perfect, especially when it comes to fashion. We all make mistakes in someway or the other. If you think that all celebrities have a good fashion sense, then you are mistaken. Even celebrities make mistakes like all the others.

Fashion doesn’t mean that you wear stylish clothes and put on some makeup and look chic. Once you are out in the open, that’s when you realise what has gone wrong. Mistakes with regard to fashion happens but have we ever realised why does it happen?

It could be that you would have seen a celebrity wearing an amazing outfit in the magazine and though that it would look awesome on you too. It could also happen that you see you friend wearing something that looks great on him/her and thought of buying one for yourself. Your friends and family suggest and advice you on a lot of things and you may blindly follow it, resulting in a fashion disaster.

Some Common Fashion Mistakes

Color mismatch-

Everyone has a different skin tone and not all colors suit people. What you need to do is to select colors that suit your skin tone. Avoid picking colors that make you look dull and pale.

Odd fitting clothes-

Wear clothes that fit you well. Do not try to fit into something that’s small in size or clothes that are very loose. Clothes should always complement you and not make you look odd.

Loud makeup-

Wear makeup that is appropriate to the occasion. If you are going out during the day, then wear makeup that is light and a little bright makeup in the night. Choose colors that match your outfit and your skin tone.

Unkept nails-

Avoid wearing nail-paint that is chipped. Your nails should be properly filed and sedate colors should be used during weekdays whereas funky colors should be for weekends.

Lengthy slips-

Be careful when you wear a slip. Make sure it doesn’t show from beneath your skirt and the fit should be correct. The key tip is that it should match your dress color and it is in different lengths.

Obvious bra lines-

Make sure you buy a bra that fits you well. Bra straps that fall off your shoulder, goes up your back or doesn’t support your bosom means that it’s not of the right fit.

Underarm stain-

Underarm stains is a horrible sight to see, especially when you are wearing a light color. The only way to prevent this is to select a good deodorant or wear a dress shield.

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