Five Fashion Mistakes Women Make

Though many of us know what to wear and what not to wear, we still tend to make a few mistakes. A woman’s personality can get ruined if she chooses the wrong outfit. It would portray her to be a completely different person. Each of us should know how to preserve our individuality by wearing the right outfit instead of blindly following the trends. Avoid these common fashion mistakes and maintain your individuality.

Five Fashion Mistakes Women Make

Too Many Accessories-

Bangles are an important part of accessories in Indian culture. Many Indian women wear bangles and a watch together, which is a fashion mistake. Bangles and a wrist watch never go together, therefore do not wear a watch if you are wearing bangles. In case you cannot do without a watch, then wear bangles on the other wrist.

Heavy Makeup-

You should have the knack of applying makeup. A light makeup which includes lip gloss, eye shadow and mascara is good for a regular look. However, if you have to attend an occasion, then applying some blush, shimmer, eye liner and gloss is enough. A common mistake women make is applying heavy makeup which is not needed.

Prominent Lip-Liner-

A very common mistake women make is wearing a dark lip-liner that doesn’t blend with the lipstick. It spoils the complete look. Always make sure that your lipstick blends well with the lip-liner. Use a lip brush for good results.

Heavy Jewellery-

Wearing heavy jewellery when it’s not needed is a fashion disaster. Most women want to wear everything at the same time as though there is no tomorrow. Women wear heavy earrings with tee shirts whereas they can wear simple ear studs. Wearing minimal jewellery is key to good looks. Avoid mixing traditional jewelley with funky jewellery, it’s a big no.

Exhibiting Too Many Colors-

Using colors in your clothing speaks a lot about your fashion sense. Wearing a lot of colors at one time is difficult to digest. Women often make a mistake by wearing too many matching colors or too much of contrasting colors, it looks very odd. You need to know which shade looks good on your skin tone and what style suits you.

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