Top Five- Little Leather Jackets

Leather jackets have always looked stylish and cool. They can be paired with almost any outfit. But these jackets cannot be worn all throughout the year. The little leather jacket has become very popular. Here are a top five little leather jackets that you may want to make it a part of your wardrobe.

Top Five Little Leather Jackets

Anouk Leather Jacket by Grai-

This is one of the most popular type of jacket with the latest stylish cut. It has a subtle look to it and the style goes to the next level. The Anouk jacket by designer Grai has a unique touch to it. It has smooth folds and casual drape lines with a zipper. It certainly looks gorgeous.

Simone Leather Jacket by Katie Nehra-

For all the motorcycle fans, the Simone leather jacket is the most coolest jacket. It has a deep armhole and sleeves that are long and narrow that look very elegant. Though it’s a little boxy, it still has a feminine shape. This jacket is embossed with snake skin and it is custome made.

Kevin Jacket by Mike & Chris-

This jacket is very wearable and stylish. Designers Mike & Chris have designed it for celebrities like Keira Knightley and Cameron Diaz. This jacket is double breasted with a broad collar. The oversized buttons give it an amazing look.

Domino Leather Jacket by Veda-

Domino by Veda is a light weight jacket. There are various styles to choose from that are unique from each other. It has snug sleeves that give it a cozy look and give maximum movement to the arms. This jacket is available in few basic colors like black.

Pleather Jacket by H&M-

This jacket has a traditional touch to it. It has a box like shape and is a little stiff but has a cool fit, especially at the waist. It’s a good quality pleather, the jacket is light in weight, therefore allows easy movement. The attractive look about the jacket is that the collar, cuffs and the waist are accentuated with a knitted material. This would keep you warm.

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