Top 5 London Shopping Spots for Women

Who doesn’t love to shop, especially when you know from where to get the right stuff. There are many popular places in Europe where one can find amazing stuff. Brands like Mango, H&M and Zara are some cool brands to look for. There are many stores in London where one can find cheap and good stuff. One of the brands is Zara where one can find good designer outfits.

Top 5 London Shopping Spots


This is one place where women can find cheap and good stuff. H&M has various collection in clothing and accessories. Being cheap and stylish, it has become a favourite shopping spot in London for many women.

Carnaby Street-

This is one cool shopping spot near Oxford Street. There are a lot of stores that are lined along the walkway. The Carnaby Street is a place where you can find just about anything from cool hippie wear to Diesei jeans. Shopping can be fun at Carnaby Street.


Mango has some amazing collection. The designs are good and relatively inexpensive. The central Mango store has a stylish collection, especially for the young crowd. This is one spot that can never let you down and you’ll always look forward to coming here.


Zara is known as the Mecca of amazing clothes in Europe. It has clothes that are very affordable and with cute designs. This is a place where women can never get disappointed and can find the best at a cheap price.

Top Shop-

The popular Top Shop clothes are a level below as compared to Zara and H&M brand. Though this store may not be up to your expectations, it still has a collection of cute accessories and tee-shirts. The best stuff to shop are coats, hats, scarves and pants that are a little cheaper if compared with other brands.

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