Spring Fashion Trends to Avoid

Though many people love spring as this is one season where you can experiment with different styles. It’s good to try different styles, but many people make a common mistake when it comes to fashion. Spring is not the time to go overboard with your outfits. Below are a few spring fashion trends to avoid.

Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

Shorts or Short Skirts-

Avoid wearing shorts that are too short if you are going out in public. This would draw unwanted attention. If you want a different look, then go for a skirt that is a little long. It would look fashionable and good.


Denims can look very cool but wearing too much of it would ruin your look. Wearing denim shorts or a skirt with a denim jacket would give a look from the 80s which is a fashion of the past. Avoid wearing more than required.

Nightwear look-

This year many designers came up with a lot of lacy and frilly tops. But these tops looked good only on the ramp and doesn’t seem practical to be worn out in the public. Avoid coming out in such outfits that are meant to be worn at home.

Tight jumpsuits-

Jumpsuits have been a popular outfit for quite sometime now. If you plan to wear, make sure that it’s not skintight. Wear jumpsuits that have a loose fit throughout and can be clubbed with a t-shirt or a tank top.

Pleated pants-

There are a few outfits that look cool only on the ramp and one such outfit is pleated pants. If you are very skinny, then wearing something like this is ok, otherwise this outfit would make you look as though you gained a lot of weight.

Clunky shoes-

Be selective of what you wear. Spring is a time to wear stylish shoes but what’s more important is to wear shoes that are comfortable and something that would last you long. Shoes should be simple, classic and light.

Mixing a lot-

Though we all like to mix and match outfits and colors but at times we tend to push it too far. Choose outfits with tiny prints as this looks cool for a spring look.

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