Top Celebrity Festival Fashion 2010

Lots of celebrities are out attending the music festival fashion 2010. Many celebrities are seen wearing cute and unique outfits, which is for sure to inspire a lot of people. The look that they are sporting have grabbed the attention of the crowd while bring out the best for the festival.

Top Celebrity Festival Fashion 2010

The most popular Coachella music festival had some of the most stylish celebs attend it. Many flashed themselves in uber-voguish clothing which looked very stylish. This also gave a few ideas to the fans to incorporate the style in their personal lives. The designs worn were very edgy and different.

Along with the outfits, attention was paid to accessories like boots, belts and sunglasses. Hobo bags were one of the trendy fashion accessory. Some celebrities like Rachel Bilson and Camilla Belle flashed the red carpet with comfortable clothes that were light in texture and looked chic. Both these celebs wore denim shorts with floral funky tops. They had a cool handbag which looked perfect for a fashion festival.

Sunglasses was one such accessory that was seen on all celebrities. Camilla wore cool boots that matched very well with her outfit. Rachel Bilson sported cool strappy sandals that looked perfect and comofortable for the occasion.

Two other cool couples Kelly Osbourne and Luke Worrall were also seen at the fashion festival. They looked even more stylish than ever. Kelly worn sandals with summer socks that looked chic and Luke was seen sporting his sunnies and Fedora.

Other than these couples, other celebrities to be seen were Henry Holland, Agyness Deyn, Kate Hudson and Kate Perry.

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