Top 5 Trendy Hairstyles for Men

During the earlier times, men always had a standard hairstyle and maintained it this way for a very long time. Times have changed and today, there are a lots of variations and different styles when it comes to hairstyles for men. With different styles becoming popular, men have gone to an extent of experimenting with their looks. Here are a few topd 5 hairstyles for men.

Top 5 Hairstyles for Men

Spike Cut-

This is the most easiest hairstyle that men can maintain. In this style, the hair is short at the back and the sides. It is a little spiked on the top. To maintain the spikes, a hair gel is used and this gives a stunning look to any guy. This style suits guys with a square or a long face cut.

Messy Hairdo-

For guys who don’t care much about keeping their hair set, can go for this look. Messy hairdo looks attractive on men with any face cut. Guys who have thin hair can go for this style as the hair cut appears to be fluffy.

Long Layered Cut-

Long hair has become a fashion trend and it is no more restricted to women. This hairstyle style looks amazing with bangs and layers. It suits men with a rectangle, square and oblong face cut.

Crew Cut-

Crew cut suits guys with an oval face cut. This cut is short and simple while giving a distinct look to the face. This cut is very easy to manage but the only draw back is it unbearable during cold days.

High and Tight-

Guys who want to sport a crazy and a naughty look can go for this cut. This cut is popularity known as the military style. In this cut the hairs are cropped at the sides and back but leaving some hair on the top. The military cut is very modern and appeals to most men.

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