Top 5 Fall 2010 Couture Fashion Show

The Fall/Winter fashion 2010/2011, is the perfect blend of art and fashion. Designers have used their imagination to create something unique. Designs include gothic pieces, fantasy to structural designs. A lot of classic and shapeless designs have been inspired from the season.

Latest Fall 2010 Couture Fashion


This season, there’s nothing that can match up to Givenchy’s couture collection. He has very well blended art and fashion together. A lot of though has been put into the material, color and theme. Ricardo Tisci has created his own signature by using fringes, labels and lace which adds glamour and elegance to the collection. Givenchy’s collection is flawless, mysterious and beautiful, therefore it heads to the top list.

Christian Dior-

It’s Dior’s collection and it has to be awesome. Nobody can blend art and fashion as good as Dior. Christian Dior is known to create the most stunning and spectacular designs. John Galliano has done a great job by giving more edge to Dior’s creativity. The make-up and hairstyle completes the look.

Ellie Saab-

Ellie Saab is one such designer who truly focuses on the present fashion. His designs are always new, bold and very refreshing. This designer has a glamorous collection of gowns. This designer has brought out the true beauty in women though his designs. He has the ability to grant every woman’s wish when it comes to clothes.

Alexis Mabille-

Alexis Mabille is a designer who has displayed his designs very well through haute couture fashion 2010. His designs are full of energy and his designs are influenced by feminine shapes and beauty.

Jean Paul Gaultier-

He is one designer whose designs are ready to wear with every collection he displays. His designs are special and unique. When it comes to his haute couture collections, his designs have specific characteristics of different countries. His recent collections are unique and he has used fur, glitter and fringes. His garments are revealing and mysterious.

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