How to Spot Fake Chanel Handbags

Who wouldn’t want to flaunt a designer handbag. Today, we have a variety of brands, styles and colors to choose from. But can we really identify which is the original one and which one is fake. We need to be well aware of how to identify fake brands as we might just end up paying a lot for something that is not worth it. For example, lets take the brand Chanel. There are many replicas of this brand.

How to Spot Fake Chanel Handbags

Step 1:

Chanel brand is identified with a letter ‘C’ that is interlocked where the ‘C’ faces away from each other. When it comes to fake Chanel handbags, there are minute details which we tend to overlook. In an original chanel bag, the right C should cross over the left C at the top and if there is a change in it, then it’s a fake one.

Step 2:

The other thing is to check for the stitching is even on all sides including the pockets. When it comes to the original bag, the stitching is perfect whereas in a fake one the stitching is not aligned properly.

Step 3:

Check for the sticker inside the bag. In genuine bags the sticker is very difficult to remove and if you are able to remove it, it wouldn’t come out completely. Fake bags also have stickers inside but it is easy to remove it. An original bag comes with a matching card which had a matching serial number whereas fake ones may not have an authentic serial number.

Step 4:

A genuine handbag is made of a good quality material with the brand name Chanel stamped on it. The fake one of-course doesn’t has it. The stamp is also on the hardware on the other side of the bag. Even the zipper has a Chanel logo on one side of it. The fake one wouldn’t have it.

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