5 Steps to Spot Fake Sunglasses

Many of us would want to be seen in designer sunglasses from top brands like Prada, Gucci and Ray Ban. There are celebrities who advertise them and make it even more popular. What makes these sunglasses different from the rest is that they provide a lot of protection to the eyes from UV rays. Fashion always comes with a cost. These branded sunglasses are between the range of $300 – $500.

Today, seeing the high price, only a few people would be able to afford it. Therefore there are many similar looking sunglasses available claiming to be designer brands. If you are looking for designer sunglasses, then you need to be very careful of fake ones as you may end up paying a high price and buying fake ones. Here are ways to identify them.

5 Steps to Spot Fake Sunglasses

Check the Brand Logo and Model Number-

Many sunglasses have their logos at the side of the sunglasses. You would have to check for: (a different font, size of the letter and correct spelling). Every brand has their own model number, therefore make a note of the number to compare it with the one you want to pick.

Observe the Craftsmanship-

Branded sunglasses are made of good quality metal and polycarbonates. This makes it strong, durable and comfortable. When it comes to fake sunglasses, at some point of time it may appear flimsy and cheap.

Compare Sunglasses-

Another good way to spot fake sunglasses is to check the details on the website. You’ll have an idea when you compare the original and the fake one. Do not buy sunglasses even if the shade is lighter from the original one as is sure to be a fake piece.

Know your Seller-

You are sure to find an original brand in official shops and top boutiques. Buying online can also help you but be aware of fake sites especially the ones offering a high discount.

Check for the Certificates and Casing-

Before you buying sunglasses, always check for the original certificate and casing. Branded sunglasses come in an authentic packing.

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