Your Wardrobe- 7 Basic Steps to Success

If you are a person who gives more importance to comfort and style than brands, then here are a few guidelines that would help you pick the best. For an average person, what’s more important is to pay attention to clothes that make you look good.

7 Basic Principles for Your Wardrobe

Know your body-

Though we all are not perfect , we still need to be aware of our own body measurements. Knowing your own body type would help you choose clothes that can hide your body flaws.

Be realistic-

Wear clothes that compliment your body. Do not try to fit yourself in clothes that are very small and similarly do not wear clothes that are very loose. If you try doing this you’ll end up looking very odd. Just accept the facts about your body and choose clothes accordingly.

Wear your Size-

Don’t go according to what celebrities are wearing because it is not necessary that what looks good on them would look good on you too. Many celebrities can carry themselves well in clothes because they are specifically designed according to their body.

Know your colors-

It is important to be aware of which colors suit you. If you are not very sure about this, then you can seek help from a professional. It would be worth the effort after you start getting lots of compliments. If you are not able to get the right colors then you can try to make up for it by using accessories.

Strong base-

After having a basic idea about fashion, you need to build a strong base for your wardrobe. Always pick clothes that can be mixed and matched easily with other clothes. Also include accessories that can help you enhance your look.

Think before you buy-

If you are buying a basic piece of clothing, then don’t invest in it unless you have atleast two or three of it in your wardrobe. Always try the garment before you buy it and if you have a similar pattern, then there is no need to go for it.


You can invest in buying the basic stuff for your wardrobe. It is always good to analyse the quality of the fabric as it would be worth the cost. Sometimes going for branded stuff makes more sense as they last for a longer time. Make a wardrobe budget and spend sensibily.

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