Rules for Summer Work Wear

When it comes to an office attire, many people don’t really bother. Most people have a very casual approach towards it. What you wear and how you look matters a lot, especially when you are coming to work. Your clothes are the best judge of your personality. There are a few basic rules to follow when you go to work.

Rules for Summer Work Wear

Best Guide-

Each company has its own set of rules and regulations with regard to the dress code. The managers and higher authorities are the best people to guide the crowd. In most companies not wearing a panty-hose is considered to be a flaw whereas other companies may consider it to be unprofessional.


If a company is a little lenient about the dress code, it doesn’t mean you come to work looking like a slop. Dress smart and be conscious about what you wear. Make sure you don’t wear something very transparent where your undergarments are visible. If the company is fine with people wearing open toe footwear then make sure your toenails are pedicured.

No Skin Show-

Women should make sure that wherever they are working and whatever the season is, wearing revealing clothes is not acceptable. Clothes like tank tops, very short skirts and deep neckline tops is attracting unwanted attention.

Light Colored Fabrics-

Wearing light colored fabrics is a good way to stay cool in summers. You can choose fabrics like cotton, silk or linen. Light colors always look pleasant and look good as an office wear.


Though it is summer, you still need to carry a stole or a blazer to work. Offices are air-conditioned with the indoor temperature being very low. Fluctuation in temperature is not good for the body. Therefore be prepared with a fabric that is light in weight.

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