Designer Purses- Top 7 Brands

Today, the market is flooded with designer brands. Each brand is better than the other and women ofcourse have a variety of options to choose from. Since there are many designer purse brands in the market, they not only excel in quality but also in style. Here is a list of designer purse brands.

Top 7 Designer Purse Brands

Marc Jacobs Handbags-

Purses from this brand are unique, stylish, durable and very innovative. Marc Jacobs comes with latest models every year. Though MJ would cost you a little more as compared to other brands, it is worth it.

Chanel Designer Purses-

This brand has been known to one and all. Chanel specialises in purses made from high quality leather and fur. Therefore this makes it the best in the market. Chanel’s trade mark are the two c’s that are interlocks with their backs to each other.

Belen Echandia Designer Handbags-

Belen Echandia has the most unique collections of handbags. What makes it more in demand is its moderate price. Every woman would surely crave to have one for herself.

Gucci Designer Handbags-

Gucci handbags are very much in demand because of their quality and style. Owning a Gucci handbag is every woman’s dream and every Hollywood celebrity owns atleast one of this.

Chloe Designer Handbags-

Chloe handbags are very creative, durable, fashionable and youthful. It can accommodate just about anything. It is a true designer piece in the market.

Dolce and Gabbana Handbags-

D&G handbags are very popular in the market. What makes it popular are the variety of designs and color. Though it’s a little expensive, its a favourite brand for most women.

Christian Dior Handbags-

Christian Dior has an awesome collections of handbags in leather and animal prints. Handbags from this brand is a favourite of many celebrities like Lucy Liu and Charlize Theron.

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