Top 7 American Fashion Designers

Most of us would have heard about a lot of international designers. Among so many designers around the world, there are a few renouned American designers that have made it to the top. These designers are as famous as the others from France, Paris and Milan. Here is a list of top American designers:

Top 7 American Fashion Designers

Marc Jacobs-

He is a well known American fashion designer. Marc Jacobs has worked with one of the best French fashion house, Louis Vuitton. His designs are unique and he is one of the best in this industry.

Vera Wang-

She is a popular American fashion designer and is well known for her exclusive collection of wedding dresses. Vera Wang is also known in the world of Hollywood as she has designed many dresses for celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Sharon Stone.

Oscar de la Renta-

He is a popular fashion designer who is orginally from Dominican Republic but has his citizenship of America. His designs are very famous not only in America but all over Europe.

Calvin Klein-

Calvin Klein is a famous American brand and well known for its best designed coats for men and women. Eventually it took over in designing jeans which were really cool. Today, we see many billboards with this brand.

Ralph Lauren-

He is one of the best American designer. He has an exclusive polo collection and owns atleast 35 boutiques around the U.S. His brand is known all over the world.

Donna Karan-

Donna Karan is better known as “DKNY”. She was born in New York and her brand is one of the most popular ones in America and around the world. She has excelled in her work and her clothing brand is a favourite of many Americans.

Bill Blass-

Bill Blass is a native of America from Indiana. He is one of the best known designers and has won many awards for his designs. It was also awarded with a lifetime achievement award for his work. He passed away in 2002 of cancer but his designs still remain popular.

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