8 Men’s Fashionable Mistakes to Avoid

Nobody is perfect and we all make fashion mistakes now and then. Though sometimes fashion mistakes turn into fashion disaster, a few cannot be excused. Here are a few common fashion mistakes that most men do and ways to avoid them.

8 Men’s Fashionable Mistakes

Socks worn with Sandals-

Most men think it’s cool to wear socks with sandals, which doesn’t seem to be a good idea at all. Though we all understand that when it gets cold, we would want to keep ourselves warm. Perhaps, there are other ways to do so, like wearing socks with closed shoes. Nothing can be safer and better than this.

Boxers, Shirts and Novelty Ties-

There’s nothing stylish about novelty dressing. This style doesn’t make you any better. Put aside all the animal prints, smiley’s and hearts. Go for something that has class and style, it should ofcourse suit your personality.

Loud Designer Labels-

You wouldn’t want to be seen sporting a loud designer label on your sleeves or chest. This doesn’t make you look sophisticated or stylish at all. Dress in such a manner where people notice you rather than the loud label. The best way is to keep it simple.

Backpacks at Work-

If you are working in a posh office and wearing a suit, you are certainly not expected to carry a backpack to office. A backpack goes well with students and if you are heading to the gym. When it comes to a work place dress smart and carry stylish accessories along.


Wearing square shoes was a style of the 90s, but if you still continue wearing them, then it should be chucked immediately. Go for something that has class and is durable. When it comes to a guy’s personality, shoes say it all.

Glittery Suits and Shirts-

Glittery shirts and shoes seem to be a very common choice among most men. In case you are planning to go for a night party, do not wear anything that is shiny. There are better options like a black shirt with denims or trousers. These can be matched with casual shoes.

Too Loose Fitted Clothes-

You need to choose clothes that fit you well. Do not opt for very loose clothes, they certainly do not flatter your body. You may have to mix and match your clothes to get the right look.

Loud Colors-

Be very selective about the colors that you choose for yourself. Though you may like many colors, you should known which one compliments your skin tone the most. When choosing colors, go for colors that flatter your eyes and body.

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