Unscramble Fashionable Color in 2010/2011

Since fashion keeps changing with every season, even colors keep changing from time to time. With every changing season, colors are also characterized by their succession and comparability. Fashionable colors are very trendy and become more innovative and interesting with the coming year.

UGG an examples of Fashionable Colors

The best example is UGG which started in the year 2007. The dominating colors were gray, black and white. These three colors continued to dominate the market and became one of the most popular colors. Grey, black and white became the most trendiest colors with the coming season.

People had a standard convention that only dark colors are appropriate for winters while light colors are best suited for summers. There are many colors that are neutral, therefore they are very versatile and keep changing accordingly. Especially grey is one such color that can be worn in any season . It again depends on the type of fabric you are choosing. Choosing a thick fabric like wool in grey color is perfect for winters and a light weight fabric like cotton in grey color would look great for summers.

The year 2010 is influenced by bright colors and transparent fabrics. This is still a hot trend. Colors have a deep meaning and siginify a major part of our life. As a person’s life keeps changing each day even colors change accordingly. Colors illustrate the nature, illusion and reality of life.
Fashionable colors for summer and spring in the year 2011 will be heading in two directions:

  • The color would be natural and real which will be inspired from nature. Example, UGG boots made of pure leather or wool.
  • Colors that are introduced are fashionable and technological in style. Fashionable colors bring a lot of value and opportunity to its dealers.
  • For any company who wants to be a winner in a competition, it is important to give importance to designs and styles.

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