Fall’s 5 Most Fashionable Celebrities

Celebrities have always been a style statement for many of us. Well, most celebrities know how to carry themselves really well but there can be only a few who can be called fashionable. Here are top 5 most fashionable celebrities who have made it to the top.

Fall’s 5 Most Fashionable Celebrities

Mary-Kate Olsen-

She has an amazing personality and has a chic wardrobe. Mary doesn’t hesistate to try different outfits and is very daring. Though at times she may not look very stylish, but she has it in her. Mary-Kate was seen in a black dress for the Burberry show and she looked simply stunning.

Rachel Bilson-

Rachel is a well known personality in the fashion world. She keeps experimenting with her looks. She doesn’t have to try hard to look good because she naturally has it in her. She looked awesome in a navy suit for Salvatore Ferragamo show that was held in Milan.

January Jones-

January Jones starred in the well known movie known as Mas Men and looked stunning at the Emmy Awards. She was also spotted at Washington D.C in a camel color suit looking chic.

Marion Cotillard-

Marion Cotillard is a beautiful and elegant looking French woman. She can really carry herself well and is mostly seen in Dior outfits. She would be seen soon for her promo tour and would look awesome as usual.

Penelope Cruz-

She is a trend setter. She looks good in just about anything. No doubt she is among the top 5 fashionable celebrities of today. Most of us have seen her sporting new looks and she has always lived upto her fans expectations when it comes to her talent and style.

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