How to Accessorize a Black Dress

If you are all set to attend a party and you have worn your favorite black dress, the only thing that would bother you would be choosing the right accessory. Though there are many types of accessories that can go well with a black dress, you may still want to be sure of which one looks great. Here are a few ideas on how you can accessorize a black dress.

Accessorizing a Black Dress

  • Though many people can carry a black dress well, it cannot be teamed with just any type of accessory. Try and create something new by accossorizing the dress with a smart bag and a shrug.
  • If you are aiming for a different look, you try the Eastern look by wearing a kimono bag that is embroidered, stilettos and an obi ( a kind of sash worn with a kimono) belt.
  • You can also wear silver jewelery. To match it with the black dress, wear silver heels and drape a stole around you.
  • If the black dress is a short one, wear a velvet coat with a fur collar or just a plain velvet coat.
  • For a night party, when wearing a black dress, try to match it up with a handbag that is sequined. Nothing can look as stunning as this combination.
  • If you are heading for a crazy night party, wear a coat with a zebra print and a deep red handbag. To complete the look wear leather boots.
  • If the party is not a formal one, you can also try tribal jewelry for a gothic look.

These are just a few ways to accessorize your black dress. What you can also do is keep trying various combinations a day before the party so that you known what looks best on you. Don’t wear heavy accessories and keep the look simple and trendy.

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