Choosing Cowboy Boots for Kids

Fashion has come a long way and more than adults kids want to look cool and trendy. These days even kids have become fashion conscious and want to keep pace with the latest trends. The most important factor that attracts kids is the color and style.

Other than the regular type of boots, cowboy boots have become very popular among kids. Cowboy boots with cartoon characters have become a favorite of many kids. Other than the style of the boots, there are many other things that you need to consider before you pick one for your kid.

Tips to Choose Cowboy Boots for Kids

Durability of Boots-

The most important factor to consider before buying shoes is to check the durability of the boots. Check if the soles of the boots are reinforced so that they don’t ware off easily. This would ensure proper protection of your kid’s feet.


Always pick shoes that are a little bigger in size as kid’s grow very fast. Buying a bigger size leaves enough room for the feet. Therefore its more practical to buy a bigger pair as its comfortable and can be worn with thicker socks.


It is always practical to choose boots that are waterproof. Vinyl and rubber are water resistance and are best for monsoons. Though suede look very nice but they are not durable enough to withstand heavy rain.


Before you finalize on any boot, let your kid try them on. It is important that they fit well. Go for boots that has a lining which can prevent cold weather and keep the feet warm.


Buy boots that are easy to wash. Boots like rubber and vinyl can be washed with just water and soap.


When it comes to style, kids can be very picky. You wouldn’t want to pick a clumsy pair of boots where other kids may make fun of him/her. Other than the durability, comfort and style are also important factors. Select something that goes well with your kids personality.

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