Women’s Chooka Rain Boots

Most of us find it quite difficult to shop for perfect rain boots. Now it has become even more difficult as there are so many brands in the market that have an amazing collection of boots in various patterns and colors. Chooka is one of the leading brands in boots. They specialize in women’s boots.

Chooka boots are popular because they are reasonably priced and boots are available in various styles. Therefore this makes it very affordable for women and since they are strong, they last much longer as compared to other regular boots. So, after knowing quite a bit about Chooka, you would be tempted to include it in your personal collection.

Types of Chooka Boots

Chooka Bufflo Plaid-

These boots are plain and very stylish looking. One of the most popular type of plain boots is the Buffalo Plaid boots. These type of boots are unique and set a new standard altogether.

The Chooka Buffalo Plaid is longer and bigger. These are more plain looking and since the soles are made of rubber, it ensures a good grip on the road and keep the feet absolutely dry. These boots are available in attractive colors like charcoal, black and red. The new preppy style is not easily available as it has limited manufacture.

Chooka Tattoo Boots-

Since Chooka Tattoo boots come in variety of designs, they have gained a lot of popularity. What makes these boots even more stylish is the art that is done on them. One of the most popular designs is the Koi fish that is drawn on the shoes. The koi fish is drawn in a natural way that it appears to swim up the body.

The Tatto City Rainbow is another popular design. Other interesting designs are skulls, hearts and horseshoes. A few other popular Chooka boots are VooDoo boots and Peace Love Boots.

Hello kitty Boots-

Hello Kitty boots is also popularly known as the Punk Buttons and is one of the cutest collection in Chooka boots. Other than this the Kitty Crest Rain Pup also looks cool. If you prefer a more sober looking boot for yourself, then go for the Retrospective boot that has only the Kitty logo.

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