Beachwear and Accessories for Summer 2010

If you plan to travel to a tropical country like Philippines in the month of March, then be prepared to face the summer there. Philippines is a country that is full of attractive beaches, therefore you would be looking forward to spending a nice holiday there. So, why not be a little selective about clothes that can enhance your body and look great.

Beachwear Tips for Men and Women

Summer wear for Women

  • Women who have a straight lean body should go for a two-piece swimsuit.
  • Women with curves look good in mini bikinis.
  • Women who have a heavy upper body can opt for tank tops.
  • Women with triangle shaped body can opt for a two-piece swimsuit or even a tank top.
  • Women who are plum or fat can wear swimsuits that hide the excess fat.

Cover ups for Women

  • Irrespective of the body shape, a woman can use cover ups when going to the beach. She can use a shawl that is made of linen or any other fine material.
  • A little transparent printed material can be worn at the beach. Try and match it with accessories like a hat to protect you from the scotching sun.
  • Many women also wear crocheted clothes that look good on the beach.
  • A sarong can also be wrapped around a swim suit, incase you are not comfortable showing too much skin.

Men’s Swim-wear

Men have limited choices and can wear trunks, swim briefs and tanks. If you are not keen in getting into the water then you can wear:

  • Men who are thin can wear polo shirts with prints whereas polo shirts with vertical lines will make him look thinner.
  • Men who have an athletic type of body look good in shirts with a V-neck.
  • Men who are really plum or fat can wear clothes that have a single color like a black shirt or black shorts. This helps in hiding excess fat.

Water-proof Accessories

  • If you are planning to take a swim, then don’t forget to take eye goggles along. They are water-proof and would protect you eyes from water.
  • When going to a beach, do carry along a water-proof protection for your cell phone.
  • Footwear like slippers or flip-flops are more appropriate for a beach.

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