Mens Trench Coats- Shopping Tips

There are a few essentials that a man’s wardrobe should possess. You would want to buy something that would last you for at least four to five years. This winter invest in a trench coat and know how to go about choosing the right one.

Why should you buy a trench coat?

There are many reasons why many men would prefer to buy a trench coat. One of the main reasons is that trench coats are fashionable and very comfortable and of-course can be worn throughout the year. These coats have a detachable liner that can be used to keep you warm in winters. During summers you can take off the liner and just use it as a coat and when on a cloudy day it can be used as a raincoat. This is what makes the coat practical and stylish to wear throughout the year. If you have decided to buy a trench coat for yourself then there are a few tips to remember to help you shop better.

Shopping tips for trench coat

  • Trench coats are available in different fabrics like wool, leather, cotton and nylon.
  • When you are shopping for a trench coat know your requirement, as in if it can be worn over a suit for office or a woolen coat which can be worn over jeans.
  • A coat that is of mid calf length can be worn to work whereas for a casual look the length of the coat can be till your knees.
  • If you have a narrow frame, then do not go for a double-breasted coat as this would make your frame look even more narrow.
  • A straight cut suits most men and gives a classic look.
  • Always try a coat before buying it to know the fit.
  • Next is to select the color and fabric of the coat. Usually men’s coats come in neutral colors like beige, grey and taupe.
  • If you want to set a fashion statement, then you can go for other bright colors.
  • Fabric of the coat also matters as it would depend on where and when you would be wearing the coat for example a woolen coat would be most used in winters whereas a polyester or a nylon coat would be used during rainy season.
  • Suede trench coat is the one that is in vogue and would look great on almost any outfit.

Best Brands

There are many popular brands that are available in trench coats. Depending on the style that you prefer, you can go about selecting the brand.


is one of the most popular brands in trench coats as this was the brand that first started this trend. This brand is expensive but has amazing classic collections.

London Fog

is the brand that introduced these coats in the United States and became one of the most popular brands.

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