Trench Coats for Men

This winter, its time to look stylish and know what is in vogue. Yes, the trench coats for men is in vogue and these coats are not only fashionable but they are the best cover-ups for severe winters. Trench coats look very sophisticated and can be worn as a casual and formal wear.

Trench Coat Style


Trench coats are available in colors like camel, navy blue, grey, black and beige. Earlier trench coats we very plain looking but now since fashion has evolved these coats have a fashionable and stylish look with pockets, gliders buttons and zippers.


There are many brands like Valentino, Gucci and Burberry that have come up with some amazing fall/winter collections. These big brands have many new variations like quilted leather and combinations of black and silver that look simply stunning. A few coats collars have fur and large buttons to give a vintage look.


Designer trench coats are made of fabrics like leather, cotton, nylon, wool and polyester that are not only light in weight but can also keep you warm. The best trench coat is the woolen coat which is light in weight and has a removable liner. This liner is detachable so that when it gets really cold you can attach it back.

With so many choices, you would surely get flattered with one of these. If you are looking for one such trench coat, then you can go for a mid-length with a belt. This can be worn to work and would look good for one of your casual outings.

Choose coats that are not too flashy. Hats or a tweed cap would match a trench coat. Brands like Banana Republic’s, Ralph Lauren’s, Gieves and Hawkes and Burberry have an amazing collection of trench coats. So, this winter, look stylish and flaunt yourself in ones of these brands.

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