Trendy Colors for Winters

Colors play a very important role in our lives. A few bright and vibrant colors make us feel happy while dull colors make us feel sad and emotional. This winter designers have introduced hot new line of colors for the season.

Trendy Colors for Winters


Black is the color for the season. It is practical and comfortable. Black makes a person look slim and goes with almost everything in the wardrobe. Your wardrobe can consist of a black coat, skirt, trousers or a scarf.

Black and White-

This is a combination that will never go out of fashion. Black and white combination can be seen in a formal wear or a casual wear. This combination simply looks elegant and stylish. You can have accessories like jewelery and handbags.


Brown is the best substitute for black. It looks awesome with other colors and accessories. This colors certainly adds class to your looks.


Grey is the color for the season. It is more versatile that other colorts and adds an edge and style to ones personality. This is a warm color and can be combined with floral prints and other bold colors for a stylish look.

Bright blue to electric blue-

This is the extremes of blue for the season. Blue is a very vibrant color and can add a lot of style. The best combination with blue is black.

Violet and lilac-

This color is more lively and happening. Though it is very bright, one cannot wear it everyday. However, instead of wearing it as one single color, it can be combined with other warm colors to create a cool look.


This is the most happening color of the season. It is a favorite color of many women as it makes them look really hot. This is a color which is sure to draw a lot of attention. The best combination is with black or grey. You can have your accessories like a stylish handbag or footwear in red.

Other hot colors of the season are orange, yellow and green. With the right combination of warm colors, these colors would look awesome.

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