Teen Fashion Tips and Advices

Today, we know so many teens who are stylish and fashion forward. Ever since fashion has evolved, teens have been major trend setters. They are the ones who love to experiment with new styles of clothing, hairstyles and accessories. Here are a few fashion tips and advice to look trendy.

Fashion Tips and Advices

Make your wardrobe seasonal-

Being a teen, it is quite obvious that your wardrobe might have everything and anything in it. It is important that you segregate your stuff into Summer, winter, spring and fall. This would help you to look up to date with stuff.

Fashion basics-

One should always have some basics in one’s wardrobe like a black belt, sneakers, blue denims and a white tee shirt. You can always mix and match with the basic colors and create a new set of clothing for yourself.

Personal style-

Most teens like to copy their favorite actors but what makes every individual unique is his/her personal style. Wear clothes that are comfortable and suit you and not because what might look good on other may not look great on you. Have your own style and flaunt it.

Putting it together-

One should have a basic sense of dressing. You should be able to judge as to what may go well with colors and dress patterns. If you have a creativity in fashion, you would for sure come up with amazing styles.

Sporty look-

Other than looking great in casuals, you can try a sporty look. Make a combination of bright colored sport shorts and match it with a white tee shirt. Keep trying new looks.


Accessories is something that should be in every teen’s wardrobe. Teens are fond of junk jewelery and fancy things. A few essentials that every teen should have are sunglasses, hoop earrings, stylish sports watch, sneakers and a cool college bag.

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