Top 10 Swimwear Brands 2010

Who wouldn’t want to look sexy in a swim-wear. If you have the body then flaunt it in the most stylish swim-wear. Today fashion has lots to offer, from the most basic brand to the most top brands. Here are a few popular brands that you may want to try.

Miracle Suit Swimsuit-

This is one of the most popular swimsuit brands. It is designed in such a way that it can make you look slim and in shape. The fabric is such that it doesn’t get puffy at one place but evenly spreads, thus making you look slim.

Longitude Swimsuit-

Longitude is another popular brand. It comes in a size of 8-16 and 18-24W. The fabric used is very comfortable and would make you look great.

Soshanna Swim-wear-

Designer Shoshanna Gruss designed this swim-wear in 2001. Women would prefer this brand because of its comfort and it also has very stylish look. This brand is such that it can make anyone look great.

Gottex Swimsuit-

This swimsuit brand is known for its style. Gottex brand has one of the best collections and it has a perfect fit. The best thing about it is that it manages to hide all body flaws. It is available in many colors and designs.

Red Carter Swim-wear-

You can bet on this brand. It is available in a variety of styles, designs and colors. Red Carter is one of the top brands and is preferred by many because of its unique cuts that can camouflage most body flaws.

Tyr Swimsuits-

This brand has one of the best collections in store. Every design is very appealing and it can for sure attract a lot of attention once you wear it. There are various designs, cuts and styles that you can select from.

Vix Swim-wear-

This is one brand that has been a personal favorite of many celebrities. Vix brand specializes in one piece, bikinis and cover ups. They have sizes starting from S to XL. So, for women who are a little plump, can get their sizes of swimsuits.

Leilani Swim-wear-

Leilani has almost all types of designs and styles available. Popular colors like black, red and blue look great on any skin tone. The style is such that it makes any type of body look slim and in shape.

Jets Swim-wear-

This brand is available in designs like halter, two-piece and one piece. There are a lot of colors to choose from. They basically have heavy prints that make it look very cool and trendy.

Becca Swim-wear-

This brand uses a lots of motifs, shells and stones to make the swim-wear look stylish. As compared to other swimsuit brands, Becca has more choices in colors and designs for its customers.

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