Top 10 Designer Sunglasses for a Celebrity Look

Sunglasses have been the most trendiest accessory in the world of fashion. A smart pair of sunglasses speak a lot about a person’s style. Earlier sunglasses were used to protect the eyes. Eventually they become a trend setter and were frequently used by many celebrities.

Top 10 Designer Sunglasses

Stella McCartney-

This brand of sunglasses give an ultra glam look to an oval face. Stella McCartney sunglasses have a large smoky grey frame. The lenses are wide and give a glamorous look of the sixties.

2009 DVB Sunglasses-

Victoria Beckham was the one to make this brand popular. This brand of sunglasses has thick metal frame with shades of grey and purple. This is perfect for fashion forward people.

Dolce Gabbana DG 2024-

This brand was designed to be unisex which has a metal frame. It has shades of grey and go perfectly with suits and cocktail dresses. They are one of the most popular sunglasses in the market today.

Marc Jacobs MJ098S-

These sunglasses are light in weight and very comfortable. MJ098S are very chic and are perfect to wear on a hot summer day. These sunglasses have a unique lens with thin frames. Hillary Duff was spotted very often wearing these.

Ray-Ban RB2140 Wayfarer-

These glasses are very stylish and have a vintage look. It has a bright frame with dark grey lenses. Ray-Bans are the one in vogue for the season.

Prada 18IS-

These sunglasses are simply adorable. They are very stylish and the butterfly like shape would suit any face cut. They are perfect for a casual look and are available in blue, grey, purple and black. Celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kate Moss have been seen wearing these.

Gucci GG3034 D28-

These sunglasses are available in thick colorful frames. They are available in shades of brown, black and blue. Because of their over-sized shape, they are perfect for cocktail parties. Celebrities like Kylie Minogue and Lucu Liu have been wearing it.

Oliver Peoples Mariette-

These are classic and very trendy looking sunglasses. The lenses are smoky and would suit any brunette and blond.They are very appropriate for any occasion and celebrities like Kelly Brook and Liv Tyler are fans of this brand.

Oliver Peoples Sofiane-

These are very elegant and stylish sunglasses. Because of its large size they give a vintage look. The lenses are perfect for a summer afternoon. Kate Beckinsale and Katie Holmes are addicted to this brand.

Chanel 41602Q-

These sunglasses are very hip and glamorous. Available colors are grey, green and blue. They go with any type of hairstyles and outfits. Lindsay Lohan and Madonna have been seen sporting them.

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