Women’s Fashion in Ancient Rome

Fashion has been a major part of our civilization since centuries. From the Roman era to this day, fashion has evolved from the basic style to the most happening styles. The Roman fashion has made a statement in every culture and is till known for its unique style.


Roman women wore a long gown known as a “stola.” The length of the stola was till the feet and had a woolen mantle known as a “palla”. The gown had many layers of cloth which was draped in different styles. The stola was worn in a way where the long sleeve tunic was put on and then a short tunic was draped over it.

A long cloak was tied on the right side of the shoulder which completed the look of the outfit. Long sleeved tunic with a buckle was worn by women and this made it different from that of a man’s tunic. Men used to wear a sleeveless garment with a clock that was draped over it.

The material that was used was woolen as other materials were not very comfortable to wear. Other than wool, linen was also of the materials used. Tunics were dyed in bright colors and purple was a rare color because it was used for braiding, striping, fringing, trimming and edging.


Roman women loved dying their hair in golden red color. They also attached hair extensions to make the hair look long and thick. Many time for special occasions, Roman women also tied their hair up and to keep it intact they used hairpins. For other occasions, they left their hair open that fell into curly ringlets.


Roman women wore unique and different types of accessories. They included:

  • Anklets
  • Breast chains
  • Brooches
  • Armlets
  • Necklaces and jeweled buttons

Bronze and gold jewelry were very popular. Accessories were very expensive. Many Roman women also used peacock feathers to enhance their appearance. When there were special ceremonies like a wedding, the bride wore a tunic that has pearls embroidered on its edges.

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