Ten Most Stylish Men of Hollywood, Yesterday and Today

Well, who don’t know the hottest and stylish men in Hollywood, even women can answer this in their sleep. Hollywood is full of talented and fashion-forward men. There are men who can wear just about anything and look great. So, here are a few interesting men in Hollywood.

Justin Timberlake

he not only sexy but also got the trend of skinny ties, sweater vests, three-piece suit, fedoras back and beards. Justin can carry himself in just about anything and still look hot and sexy. He portrays incredible confidence.

Kanye West

is known as the best dressed man in Hollywood. He is an upcoming fashion designer and flaunts his own labels in style. This man is a true charmer and has an amazing taste in clothing.

Chris Brown

is an awesome dresser. He knows how to put-together the best outfits and look awesome. Chris has a signature style and looks simply great.

Muhammad Ali

was known for his collection of dark colored suits, skinny ties, buffed shoes and white shirts. He had a classic collection of formal outfits which talked a lot about his style.


believes in having a style of his own. He mixes and matches old and new style, thus creating a new trend. He has a cool sense of dressing.

Esquire magazine voted

Pharrell Williams

as the “Best Dressed Man in the World” in 2005. He was always known for his different style and designs that made him a known personality worldwide.

Tom Brady

is sexy and classic not only in the field but also on the ramp. He pays very keen attention to his hair and style, which makes him a perfectionist. Brady’s dressing and style is unique.

George Clooney

is known for his amazing sense of dressing. It was declared by the famous fashion designer Giorgio Armani that George ‘ makes a suit look amazingly fantastic’. Armani also says that Clooney ‘he wears the clothes;they don’t wear him’.

Malcolm X

knew how to dress to kill. His style consisted of skinny ties, monochromatic suits and fedoras.

Brooks Brothers designed the three-piece suit for

Miles Davis

. That was his signature style.

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