Top Five Male Celebrity Perfumes Brands

We all live in a society that is obsessed by fashion and anything associated to a celebrity makes a statement. Today, there are many celebrities who endorse their own brands and these brands become popular. What’s more important for men is to wear a perfume that makes them feel confident, powerful and that can reflect their style.

Other than their careers, celebrities would also want to be associated with brands. The more they endorse brands, the more popular they get. Many celebrities choose fragrances that reflects their own personality and charm. A popular brand of perfume would add recognition, therefore this would also raise people’s expectations.

Top Five Celebrity Perfume Brands

David Beckham-

Instinct by David Beckham can make any modern man feel confident.This perfume is for todays metrosexual man who has an instinct.

Justine Timberlake-

This perfume was introduced by Givenchy for men. It has a unique masculine fragrance that can make any girl go crazy.

Antonio Banderas-

Blue Seduction for men is one of Antonio Banderas’s favorite fragrance. It has other fragrances like cardamom, musk, oak moss, cappuccino, bergamot and apple. If not anything else, this fragrance will for sure attract a lot of female attention.


Usher is a blend of fresh melon, musk, lavender, black suede and sandalwood. This perfume brand is a favorite of many men. So flaunt your fragrance.

Sean John-

This perfume is perfect for men who love the fresh citrus fragrance. It was endorsed by Sean John Cologne and is a blend of moss, wood and cranberry. Perfect for any occasion.

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